Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation systems can make watering your lawn or garden easier and much more convenient. If your system is not functioning properly, however, it becomes more of a headache than a help.

Horstmann Brothers understands this and provides knowledgeable, professionally licensed, trained irrigation technicians to care for your property throughout the year. Capable of performing activations, backflow testing, winterizations and regular system checks, our irrigation team will insure you receive reliable service every time you call.

Our scope of yearly maintenance service includes:

Spring Activations* – Each spring, a visit is scheduled for one of our trained technicians to come and activate your property’s system.

At this time, an efficiency assessment is also performed to ensure all sprinkler heads and zones are functioning properly.

Backflow Testing* – A backflow test is required by St. Louis County and must be performed annually to ensure your home’s drinking water is protected. Many times, Horstmann Brothers prefers to complete this at the same time as the spring activation.

System Checks* – As part of our irrigation service packages, Horstmann Brothers offers customers three strategically-scheduled system checks. During a system check, our technicians inspect each zone of your system. make necessary repairs to guarantee your system is functioning properly.

Service Calls – Whenever your system needs a repair, simply call our office and a visit will be promptly scheduled. Only trained irrigation team responds to service calls; once at your property, a thorough assessment is taken and repairs are made only as needed. A quote will be given prior to repairs being performed.

Water Auditing Services – Horstmann Brothers can provide system tuneups, calculate how long your system should run, and develop a watering schedule based on weather and seasonal conditions.

Winterizations* – Winterizing your system each fall is necessary to prevent against freeze damage. Horstmann Brothers’ winterization procedure consists of turning off the backflow, clearing the water out of all pipes and components utilizing compressed air and tagging the backflow. Horstmann Brothers recommends winterizing your system no later than the third week of November.

*Included in our preventive maintenance program

Throughout the seasons, Horstmann Brothers has a full irrigation team prepared to handle your needs.

Contact us today to schedule an irrigation maintenance visit.